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I couldn’t resist taking this quiz. 🙂
Perhaps Birgit and Sarah might take it too!

Jen’s and Birgit’s result:
Very clever, intellectual and wise, you are always full of knowledge and ideas. You are usually the soloution to everyone’s problems.

Sarah’s result:
You are MOCHA!
You are very sweet and feminine. You live for pink, girlieness and anything pretty and flowery. You like to look good, and you probably have get many admirers! ; )


Store: www.angoo-mart.com

We were invited to this Chinese website in an email this summer, and decided to try it out. I am quite satisfied with the customer service, the prices and the quality. The cute sticker sheet was a gift.

I am not sure about whether these products are licensed or not, they do write Disney on the sales page for products that have Disney decor, but not Sanrio on the ones with Sanrio decor (but they write Hello Kitty). I would reckon that it’s difficult to sell Disney bootleg products especially without any consequences, so my guess is that they’re legit.

They do have an affiliation/referral system, so if you decide to shop there I would be grateful if you mentioned that I sent you (email me for personal details, they don’t use customer numbers). Will post back if I ever receive a referral gift. Just confirming that they actually do give referral gifts; I got a free deco tape and a discount on my future order.

We were chosen by JetPens.com to review one of their products, the Pilot Hi Tec C gel ink pen. Its all the rage in Japan and quite Kawaii, so how could we resist?

Lilly at JetPens.com let me choose my favorite three colors and then sent one of those three colors to me. Shipping was extremely fast and the merchandise was very well packaged. Upon opening, I was surprised to find the cutest kitty mascot sitting atop the pen cap. Waa! Kawaii! ^.^

I took the lid off and got down to business, scribbling first to get it started. Several alphabets, doodles and sketches later, I wrote a rough draft of my review on a notebook with it. I then took it to work and used it to jot down my voice mail messages and other tidbits of info through the day today. And ya know what? It never skipped, not even once. The ink flows really well and it doesn’t bleed either. The pen cap snaps on for a snug fit, so I had no worries just placing it among all the receipts, wallet and other important things in my purse while I traveled.

The only issue I had, was a nitpicky personal issue of mine. The nib sometimes feels a little bit scratchy against paper when writing. I’m sure that’s because of the really fine tip, and perhaps the angle at which I write sometimes.

Overall, JetPens.com is selling a great product at a reasonable price; and this is only one gel pen. I visited their website after trying out the pen and they have hundreds of brands and varieties to choose from. Check out JetPens.com today!

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